22 march 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope

Libra (♎) is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. It spans °–° celestial longitude. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this area on average.

And although they have passed, the impact of them may not be apparent for a few months. And even though the calendar is a man-made construct the season still bears a certain reverence. The eclipses are coming! Listen my readers and you shall hear of the eclipses that are coming both far and near. These two powerful outer planets both offer the promise of a pleasant surprise.

We may see it on the world stage as sudden shifts in policy and position set the tone for a rancorous debate. Mercury moves in the sign of balance and beauty under the auspices of Libra. As a result, and fortunately for us, there is little significant activity that bears noting this month. Depending on where Mercury lands in your chart, you may find an intense period of miscommunication still exists.

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We can expect a certain charge to be present in all that we say. Intellectual, humorous, animated, and evocative, the dialog rings with possibilities. After having been in retrograde motion since the beginning of March, Mars finally stations direct and the ball get rolling again. Next week it will station direct and things that have been on slow cook will soon turn to high boil. Oddly enough, the holiday is more a localized southwestern US holiday than an ode to Mexico.

Since the Moon harbors our emotions when it comes in contact with Jupiter we can expect those emotions to become amplified and sometimes, even exaggerated. Full article here. Palma Cathedral's eastern rose window is the largest of Gothic design anywhere in the world and known as the Gothic eye, it is almost 14 meters in diameter with 24 triangles and glass pieces. It is the result of mathematical design from centuries ago which creates the appearance of the figure 8 being formed by the "double rosette" of the western window and the reflected eastern window.

And so, from around 8 in the morning, the 8 is created, this represents a powerful union, that of the material and the spiritual worlds. I will be going live on Instagram to film this magical event so tune in tarotgraph at 2 am Eastern Time to see it with me.

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  • From a spiritual perspective, eight is the number of the initiate, it is the number linked with the power of resurrection and regeneration, symbolizing happiness and paradise regained. The infinity sign is within us, it is in the double helix of the strands of our DNA, a continuous chain of figures-of-eight.

    The band across the forehead of Egyptian pharaohs bore the image of a snake in the shape of figure eight. It was also the number of Thoth, the Egyptian god of the Laws and of wisdom and magic. You can find this symbol in the Tarot deck as well. The power of this symbol is truly limitless and healing. In astrology, zodiac signs get a lot of attention — after all, all you need is a sun sign to read your average horoscope. Firstly, in astrology, the sun and the moon are both considered planets.

    Also, in astrology, Pluto is still a planet. All in all, that makes for 10 major planets. In astrology, each of the planets represent a different set of qualities and characteristics, and rule over a different part of our lives — each bringing with them their own unique vibes. Conversely, "malefic" planets, such as Saturn and Mars, are known for having tougher, more destructive energy although we love 'em and need 'em nonetheless!

    Planets travel through different signs, and their energy plays out differently depending on where they're at. So planets themselves don't cause anything — it's more about where they're placed and how they interact with other aspects of your chart.

    Full & New Moons

    Let's take a quick trip through the galaxy and get to know each of the major players. The sun is the center of our universe. It's what colors the world around us, the star that we revolve around and that gives us life. That's part of why our sun signs are such an integral part of our astrology and who we are! The sun is the driving force behind who we are at our core, and it's said that people who can embrace their sun placement tend to feel happier and more fulfilled. Let the sun shine down, y'all. Mercury is known as the messenger of the gods, so it makes sense that communication, information sharing, and traveling is its jam.

    Ah, lovely Venus, planet of all things flowery and sensual and heart-flutteringly delicious. Venus is also associated with money — specifically the money we spend more frivolously on things that bring us pleasure and joy. That's our gal.

    Sun in zodiac constellations, | Astronomy Essentials | EarthSky

    Wild n' fiery Mars, named after the god of war, is determined, driven, and full of raw, unbridled, animalistic energy. The so-called Red Planet certainly lives up to it's name with it's red-hot intensity and passion. And you may have heard "men are from Mars, women are from Venus," right? Venus is the butterflies in our stomach and emotion, while Mars is the primal, physical instinct.

    As the saying goes, the bigger the hair, the closer to god — and in this case, the bigger the planet, the closer to sweet, sweet harmony. Jupiter is considered especially auspicious, bringing growth, positivity, opportunity, and good vibes along with its massive presence. This big boy is a spreader of positive and good cheer, so embrace Jupiter's peachy vibes whenever possible.

    Think of this planet as the stern father who's a little overly rigid and authoritarian and strict. Saturn is all about tough love — but remember, it's only hard on us because it wants us to learn and grow. Expect the unexpected with Uranus, as this planet is all about shaking up the norms. It's progressive, forward-thinking, hyper creative, but also prone to abrupt shifts and changes.

    Uranus doesn't care about tradition for the sake of nostalgia — it cares about being innovative, fresh, and unique. Dreamy, other-worldly Neptune. This planet's meanings are as deep as its color is blue, as it's representative of pychic intuition and spiritual attunement, as well dreams and artistic expression. As Stardust explains, "Neptune represents dreams, illusion, and fantasy.

    But if you can avoid falling into the escapist tendencies this planet can induce, it brings a helpful sensitivity and psychic power. As McGarry tells Bustle, "Pluto encompasses the energy of transformation.

    • Summer Solstice and the Longest Day of the Year.
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    • For the last 18 months or so, we have been working with the Eclipse energies of Leo and Aquarius. This Eclipse cycle began back in February , If we think back to this time in our lives, we can reflect on just how much we have grown and just how much we have changed. This Leo Eclipse is the last in the cycle bringing a sense of closure and transformation.

      Astrology Calendar in 2020

      The energy that we will be experiencing this Sunday and Monday will be a little hectic so here is a little guidance to put into your peace pipe. This is not a good eclipse for making sudden or drastic changes, especially in close relationships.

      Gemini (May 21–June 20)

      Be wary of any new encounters you might make during this time. You might also experience emotional outbursts from friends or family try and practice patience, sensitivity, and compassion. Think before you speak and be careful with making bold statements. Mercury will be involved here so double-check your travel plans and avoid making spontaneous decisions or agreeing to things on the spur of the moment. The suggested ritual for this event calls for you to be EXTRA since full-bodied self-expression is what this Leo is all about.

      I made a Spotify Full Moon Playlist for you just click the button below to listen :. You will need a candle, a speaker, crystals, your favorite most sparkly outfit, a notebook and pen, red wine or rose tea.

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      Create a circle in your room or outside if weather allows and light your candles, you can also cast a circle by sprinkling salt around you. Turn on your favorite playlist or listen to my spotify playlist I made for this magical lunar event below :. Write down all the things you have accomplished since February , how have your offerings benefited other people?

      What do you love about yourself?

      Astrology June 18-24 2019 Summer Solstice

      Write down the things, habits, people you would like to release as well. Drink your rose tea or Red wine, pour some out for your ancestors and then dance your heart out for at least 20 min. Make a night of it with your friends and have a dance party. A Bailar, Gente!!! If you want a Full Moon Email Reading email me following the link below.

      What the Summer Solstice Means for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

      With each new year comes a fresh chance to take your relationships to the next level, hopefully by making them healthier than ever. But it also can bring new opportunities for things to not go as planned. While there are obviously a lot of factors at play when it comes to love, astrologers can help you make sense of what may come — good, bad, or otherwise. And there are several ways to do that. But at the end of the day, what happens in your love life — and how you react to it — is largely up to you.