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Libra (♎) is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. It spans °–° celestial longitude. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this area on average.

They go out of their way to help their mates.

Love Compatibility Between Cancer and Leo

And to find more about the Cancerians ….. Simply scroll down to read further interesting facts about them.

How the Cancer native loves

Truthful: The Cancerians make very loyal and dependable friends. One can trust a Cancerian, any time of the day, be it with regard to responsibility or a relationship. Cancerians are fairly possessive by their nature. But they are more attached to their belongings.


Be it an old worn-out jumper, or a shabby bag, the Cancerians would never throw them out of their window. As keepsake they will carry them all along. Although the Cancerians seem pretty tough and aggressive on outside.

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But from inside they are equally thin-skinned. Even the slightest of emotion can make them cry a sea or raise a hell.

40 Quotes About the Zodiac Sign Cancer You'll Surely Like to Read

Always giving and asking for little in return. They are very passionate people, who are full of love. And simply love to love. It is too hard not fall in love with these people. When it comes to money, the Cancerians are very manipulative. They make themselves scarce on occasions when they think money would be spent too much. So, they are not the right people to look for, when it comes to asking for a treat. Cancerians are born leaders. They never hesitate from taking initiative and are also good in leading.

Their leadership quality is much appreciated.

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  4. And this gets them a lot of good opportunity to grow. They might have their moments because of their mood swings but then who is perfect, right? Although Cancers are the moodiest of them all! Now, Cancerians are very tough to crack. From the outside, they might look tough, cool and collected but from the inside, they are soft marshmallows. Also, a tempest of emotions is always swirling around on the inside of the mind of these people. Strong hard shell from the outside and gentle, mushy from the inside!

    If you know any Mr Cancer or a Ms Cancer then you better be ready and prepared for their moods for they can switch from one to another in no time. Cancer people are known for their vulnerable emotions. You can never know which mood they will be in. Laughing one moment and then crying another.

    It might not be your intention but they get hurt really easily. While their temperamental issues of emotions might be a little inconvenient, once you have gotten under their skin they will do anything for you in a blink. One of the best qualities of Cancerians is that they do care a lot. Spanish love quotes, is it, that you might be looking for and express your love and care? Once a Cancerian commits to you, be assured his or her affections will be tied up with you and only you.

    Traits of a Cancer person

    When they commit, they commit hard! Cancer people have excellent instincts. So it might take them a little time to take a liking to you but once they become your friends, oh boy, they will fight for you with their life! They can be tough and loving all at once. Well, if you are a Scorpio in love with your cancer boyfriend, we may have something for you here! Fierce in nature and strong-willed with impenetrable determination, Cancerians always excel in what they do.

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